One of my pleasures is sharing what I have learned. Teaching does not just mean a classroom and students. I have presented my research at many places across the US, through colloquia, seminars, conferences, and workshops. Many of my presentations are listed here, and if you want an energetic speaker who can speak to different audiences, please contact me! I am happy to present an existing talk, or create a new talk designed for your interests.

I have presented on numerous topics and love the chance to do research for a new presentation. I enjoy short talks, hour-long seminars, and multi-hour workshops. Topics I am knowledgeable on:

  • numbers of women in physics (and other STEM fields)
  • barriers to women’s participation in science
  • mindset and how it can help/hurt
  • microaggressions
  • implicit/unconscious bias
  • imposter syndrome
  • teaching interventions
  • negotiation issues
  • marketing and the message you are actually sending to prospective students/employees
  • stereotype threat and how to counteract it
  • groups and organizations supporting gender equality in science
  • family-friendly policies and how to make them work
  • the “chilly climate” in science
  • gender as spectrum, not binary


“If we don’t include everybody in the policy-making, in looking for new ideas, in innovation and research, we are missing out on solving the world’s problems with a different kind of thinking.” —Madi Sharma (source)