As someone with 20+ years of experience with issues of gender and science, I am available to consult on different projects. I am meticulous, goal-oriented, open to constructive criticism, and devoted to doing the best work I can.


Issues I am familiar with:

  • numbers of women in physics (and other STEM fields)

  • barriers to women’s participation in science

  • mindset and how it can help/hurt

  • microaggressions

  • implicit/unconscious bias

  • teaching interventions

  • negotiation issues

  • marketing and the message you are actually sending to prospective students/employees

  • stereotype threat and how to counteract it

  • imposter syndrome

  • groups and organizations supporting gender equality in STEM

  • family-friendly policies and how to make them work

  • the “chilly climate” in science

  • gender as spectrum, not binary

colored-shadows: two different colors of light cause two colors of shadow





“I do not mind that you are a girl, but the main thing is that you yourself do not mind. There is no reason for it.” Einstein, to a young girl with whom he corresponded. (source)